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Hi all. My name is Robin. I'm an artist and I have been using Fireworks for a number of years, but not to it's fullest and wanted to learn more about using masking and filters and stuff like that. Unfortunately for me, I live in a very remote area with no schools close by. But I did find out the nearest community college, 50 miles away, offered some courses online so I signed-up. I took a full-load last semester, but the classes sucked. I made the Dean's list and still walked away feeling I'd hardly learned anything. The sad part is those were the only online classes I they offered. To take anything else I'd have to be there in person and that's not going to happen. Does anyone know of any online courses Web Design courses (that include e-commerce?)

Thanx ya'll,


I am no expert but have you tried (Adobe press) or lynda.com they both have good material for learning Fireworks as well as other software.
I'm currently enrolled in an online college but I must tell you there is no such thing as an online college that has regional accreditation.

From my experience they are expensive and you can't transfer the credits to universities. But I am learning a lot.


I want to learn e-commerce and [possibly] how to get ads on my sites. I've got to look into those lynda tutorials. I've seen them around for awhile.

The lynda ones are great. You could also go to Youtube and do a search for whatever you want to learn on whatever program it is (ie. do a search for "fireworks tutorials" or "adding ads to website using fireworks" or something similar). You'll find that there's a ton of free videos out there that show how to do just about anything with any program you're looking for.