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Hello, I am painting my house and replacing the roof soon and would like to roughly see what my color choices would look like.

Option One:

Beige siding

Black Shutters

White trim

Black shingle roof

Red Front door

Option two:

White Siding

Black shutters

White trim

Red Tin Roof

Red Front Door

If you think you can do this for me, respond and I will send or attach a photo of my house.

There are free programs that you can do this yourself.
1.GAF virtual remodeler.
2.Owens Corning Design EyeQ

Just take a picture of your house and apply the products.

download GIMP, a free equivalent of photoshop, and use it to open a photo of your house. then select these areas you want to simulate the colour change of and use the hue/saturation/lightness colour editor to tweak these regions until they are the colour you want. it is a bit tricky to learn but it's how i would do it. alternatively download sketchup (which is a 3d modelling program) create a plane, put the image on the plane as a texture, then use the line tool to cut the plane into pieces making a new face for each section you want to change. select each new face you've just made and then use edit-->face-->make unique texture. now go to your materials window and change the sliders for each unique texture to see them change colour.

I never thought that there a software which we can change color than the adobe's. Ill try GIMP