View Full Version : How to print multiple images on one page?

I hope this is the right place to post this...

I would like to know if I can print multiple images on one page as their original size?

I have Windows Vista, and I have tried oepning windows explorer where the images are located and selecting them while holding Ctrl then clicking on print, and while that does let me print the different images at once, it only seems to offer certain pre-set sizes. I do not want to alter the size of the image when printing, I just want to print it the same size as the image.

Is this possible?

By the way, I used GIMP to make my images and I can print through GIMP, but only one image at once.

(By the way, when I say print, I mean print onto paper with a printer)


Hi there.

Just a few suggestions...

If it were me, I would copy the images and then paste onto a document (either Word or Google docs for example). That way you can see how large or small the images are and how they will look on the paper and manipulate/position them on the document and then print from there.

When you mentioned they are located on IE (Internet Explorer), I think that means you have hosted the images or uploaded to an online site.

If that is the case, many times an image created in Gimp is quite a bit larger in Gimp but smaller if they are hosted online depending on how they were uploaded or if they were resized when hosted.

I would copy/paste from Gimp into a document (you will first have to create a blank document), and if they appear huge and fall off the edge of the paper, you should be able to resize on the document by selecting the image and then dragging one of the corners to make it smaller.

Thank you for a reply.

I don't think I have Word only WordPad...? :/

I have not yet tried Google docs....

Also, I said in Windows Explorer, not Internet Explorer. My images are not hosted online. (Well, as far as I am aware of... :s)

Thanks anyway.

Use the Windows Explorer, and mark all images you want to have on one page. You can select several images by pressing Ctrl while clicking.

Then press print.

After that a dialog for choosing a template should appear. Choose your template, print the images and you are done.