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Hi all, I am a beginner at photo editing and getting better at it. I am mostly self taught and learn by experimenting a lot. But sometimes, there are problems that are beyond my scope of understanding and that is when I hit a BUMP. One of the problems I am facing right now is that the appearance of color casts over pictures that were captured in an outdoor setting, specifically in the evening. I am attaching one such image. I would like the experts here to correct this image and also tutor me how to change it myself in the future.

I have provided the dropbox link of the image that needs correcting. I will be very grateful to you if you can help me sort this out.



Your image won't download for me.

Try using http://imgur.com/ It's free and fast.

Hi Slowlane, my apologies. Please find the link here: http://imgur.com/poYwnXr

Go to http://i.imgur.com/poYwnXr.jpg?1 and download the image to your desktop.

You can upload the image to http://ipiccy.com/ and adjust colors, hue, exposure, light & contrast, soften, advanced ➢ erase background, etc.
You can also do all this in http://pixlr.com/editor/ yet where the background is removed in magic wand ➢ shift+click ➢ edit ➢ clear ➢ file ➢ save, etc.

Anything more you require that I have not mentioned?