View Full Version : HELP? FAVOUR... if I may - enhance an image for me please

Hi all,

I need to enhance an image enough to get it printed on a mug for my girlfriend.

I don't have the software or ability for that matter, and I'm rapidly running out of time with her birthday on the 8th....

Can someone please possible fix up the attached image so I can get it printed on mug.

Finished result needs to be in JPG format and over 100kb - more the merrier.

The link for the image is below.... I know it's pretty rough but it's good enough for the gift.


Really appreciate anyones assitance.

Best regards


It's best if YOU manipulate the image — Learn by doing.

If you want to increase color saturation, upload the image to http://ipiccy.com/

start editing ➢ upload photo ➢ hue & saturation ➢ adjust saturation level ➢ apply ➢ save ➢ rename ➢ save to my computer

What sort of "enhancing" does it need? GIMP is a good software package for complex image editing but it takes a while to learn, if you are in a rush you could do some simple stuff(compositing mainly) in microsoft paint but not much in the way of enhancing. As it is the 3rd and printing it will probably take the shop a few days you are in a nasty position regarding time, what you can do in that time really depends on what needs doing. GIMP can do things like edit the contrast, add anti-aliasing, remove bits of the image you don't like so the main subject can be isolate from the background, edit the brightness and saturation and scale it up (though scaling will not make it higher resolution, doing that is impossible). If you download GIMP, work out what you want to do and search google for "how do i ..... in GIMP" you should be able to learn some basic editing techniques in time, just.

The image kinda big for a mug so I resized it a bit and enhanced it. See http://i.imgur.com/dLqZkgm.jpg