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Hi, Wondering if you could help with this one?

I tried repairing my Kodak with 16189 photos (very worried!) by repairing it in the Add/Remove function in the Control Panel but it didn't work.

I have not deleted/removed these files from my computer.

Here's a print screen of it. Photos blocked in blue square for a reason.

ALL my photos are like this, even ones from CD's and even new ones. I have been using Picasa and am wondering if this has anything to do with it?

I appreciate your advice.

can you still open them with Picasa? or Windows viewer?

I would next backup/copy the photos to another location as a precaution.

I have a similar amount of photos often I take 1000+ photos at one daily event

I realize that's alot of space. I use a spare drive or at least SD cards

try a Linux live disk...

boot from the disk and just browse to the correct location, then copy the files over to a portable drive/memory stick.

For live disks Puppy is fairly easy to use for beginners, as well as being a smallish download.

Oh golly, that is a lot of info to get my brain around. Thank you, I will search through this and get it done over the next few days. (Read that as not having the confidence to do this but will definitely do so over the next few days :) )