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Good Afternoon,

Here's the dilemma...I was using my Olympus waterproof camera down south for the last week, everything was fine...the last day I was taking pictures about 6 pics in the camera said "format card", at which time i shut it down...when I removed the card to inspect in it seemed damp, so I'm guessing water got in (thanks Olympus!!)...I tried to let it dry out and when I installed it in my laptop it wants to reformat it again...if I'm not mistaken, reformatting would wipe it clean...is there any way of retrieving the photos on this card??? Thanks in advance..

Try one from this list http://www.online-tech-tips.com/free-software-downloads/free-photo-recovery-software/

You can use Seagate File Recovery for Windows, as long as your computer can detect the SD card, it will scan it from the very beginning to end, and display all the files it detected and ask which you would like to recover, while saving the file structure.

Wondershare photo recovery trial version has worked for me,
make sure you store the SD card somewhere and dont use it after you lost the files, otherwise they are easily overwritten.