View Full Version : How do tell what shade of color is in use?

Although I'm not into Graphics Design I want to look into Photo Editing

Id like to know how to tell what some RGB screen display & CYMK printer color shade fonts are

I was checking out my cousins Microsoft Word 2010 starter and the heading seemed to be some shade of Blue. I was able to bring up its custom settings and they are

Hue: 151 / Sat: 117 / Lum: 100 / Red: 54 / Green: 95 / Blue: 145

--- I do not know what shade of Blue it is

Then I found http://www.answers.com/topic/list-of-colors?cat=travel hoping I could find exactly what the color is. Its a great list if someone knows exactly what color to look for: for example Baby Blue

With the variables of monitor displays I prefer to use Instant Eyedropper. Plus you can get the color of a tiny area. You don't need a big swath of color to try and match. Thanks for sharing a great resource.

I can see how Instant Eyedropper will be very helpful, thanks Animal