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My ancient Wacom Tablet has finally died (I can't get drivers for it, & the pressure sensitivity is shot), so I've had to break down & hunt for a new replacement. I went to my local Best Buy, & after looking at several models, all of which were too big or had too many bells & whistles for my needs, I brought home an Intuos tablet. Got home, unplugged my old tablet, & unpacked the new one. I realized immediately I would have a problem, looking at the USB cable. The new tablet's was 3 feet long, where my old one was at least 5 & a half feet. Here enlies my conundrum: I can't make the cable reach to physically plug in the new tablet, so it's worthless to me. I looked online just now at another model I'd bookmarked (http://www.wacom.com/en/us/creative/intuos-manga), specifically looking for the cable length. It isn't listed. Now I'm worried that whatever I buy will fall short, disallowing me from plugging the stupid thing in! So, here are my specifications:

Must be a SMALL tablet to fit on my computer desk; the old one is 8"x7 1/2" & fits perfectly

Must have a cable that is at least 5 1/2' long to loop it around the back of the computer desk

Must be suitable for drawing lineart/freehand pressure-sensitive drawing; I don't need much else

So, anyone got any suggestions for where I go from here? :( I really miss my old tablet, & I just want one that's like it, & won't require either a significant learning curve or my shelling out big bucks.

Roketto! HAI. Nice to see you again :)

I have 2 older wacom tablets, one is a Bamboo. Wacom has changed the Bamboo to the name Intuous, and they are now wireless, so there is no cord or cable that needs to be plugged in with those particular tablets.

If you can afford the price, I think wacom makes an excellent product, I note that are much more now than when I bought my other two...but i bet they are easier to use, plus the wireless is awesome, you could put it on your lap or sit across the room maybe lol

The small Intuous here is 249.00 direct from wacom. Overall dimenions are 12.5 x 8.5, and again no cord so no need to worry about connections or where to place it or how far away. I couldn't deal with a 3 ft cable...no way!

Hello, Is this a specialized USB cable as you can get USB cables on ebay that are 6ft long and longer.

Here is a USB A to micro B cable.

Here is a USB A to B cable

It would be a mini b or a micro b. Sometimes the micro is a tight fit between devices.

See connectors on the wiki page. When you look at the end that plugs into the tablet, what shape is it?

From left to right

Micro-B plug, UC-E6 proprietary (non-USB) plug, Mini-B plug (This is maybe yours?), Standard-A receptacle (upside down), Standard-A plug, Standard-B plug