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Hello, I moved this to Photo editing as I think it's a problem with Windows Photo Gallery...
Go to Folder Options, in Advanced settings..
Click View tab.
Under Files and Folders UNcheck the box for " always show icons, never Thumbnails."

I assume the images open properly when you try to open them, I am guessing this is just a problem with the thumbnails/icons. CAn you try for a short while changing your default photoviewing program. Go to open a picture but choose "open with" and then select another program, specifically use right click-->open with-->choose deafult program, a white pop up should appear, make sure to tick the box saying "use this application for all .png (or it might be .jpg or .bmp or .gif)" and select a program from the list below it (ms office picture manager, google chrome or paint). Then close the file explorer windows, and re-open it, go to the folder again, the icons should have either gone back to thumbnails or changed from "evil orange flowers" to "evil dullred shapes", "evil chrome spirals" or "evil paint brushes and palettes". Try this and report what result you see.

I moved it... lets try one more thing, if no joy we'll move to malware.

Tweaking.com - Windows Repair All-In-One (Portable)

- Download Windows Repair All-In-One (Portable Version) from here (http://www.tweaking.com/content/page/windows_repair_all_in_one.html).

- Extract tweaking.com_windows_repair_aio.zip to your Desktop.

Ok I did the window repair and it found some stuff and fixed it but still have the issue and now I have no letter h or g or te number 8 on te side number pad;

Tweaking.com - Windows Repair v3.1.4

System Variables
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium
OS Architecture: 64-bit
OS Version: 6.1.7601
OS Service Pack: Service Pack 1
Computer Name: OWNER-HP
Windows Drive: C:\
Windows Path: C:\Windows
Program Files: C:\Program Files
Program Files (x86): C:\Program Files (x86)
Current Profile: C:\Users\Owner
Current Profile SID: S-1-5-21-3472176875-741071126-1227699190-1001
Current Profile Classes: S-1-5-21-3472176875-741071126-1227699190-1001_Classes
Profiles Location: C:\Users
Profiles Location 2: C:\Windows\ServiceProfiles
Local Settings AppData: C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Local

No I put that in my 1st post that they do not open either no matter what I try. That was part of the reason while I posted it in the viruses section and then someone moved it over to here.. No what viewer I tried it tells me it can not read file