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I am looking for good games that will definitely get notice on youtube, what are they?
Plus, do not tell me to get games that other big you tubers upload a lot. They don't tend to stir up that much notice.

I mean, if you really want to get noticed on YouTube, I feel like you would have to play the same games that other people are playing, but do something drastically different in those games so that people have a reason to watch your videos as opposed to someone else’s.
Orrrrr, you could just play what you want to play and just try and find, or create, an audience for yourself. That way, you aren’t pressured to play games just for the views and you can actually focus on just enjoying yourself with the games you really want to play.
I mean, that’s just based off of my experiences with YouTube. I used to do gameplay commentaries for Call of Duty back when I was into that franchise and the more I went along making videos for that game, the more burnt out I got on that game, and FPS’s in general. I mean, you can always just try and switch from those kinds of games to the kinds you wanna play if you do get burnt out, but you could risk losing viewers.
Orrrrr, just have fun with whatever videos you post :3. I started a new channel after trying to revive my old one and I’m just having fun with it, which if you ask me is the way to go, lol.

The best way to get noticed is to be different than the other youtubers out there. Don’t do the same things they do. Be yourself!

My tip for you would be to try and get a big headstart on getting gameplay uploaded for new games that are coming out. Maybe even try finding some beta’s for new games and play and record those. Then once the game comes out, you’ll already have all sorts of videos uploaded and ready for people to find.
There are some big Youtuber’s out there who grew their channel drastically from doing this. Like the GTA5 boom, or Black Ops, etc. Although they exploded a lot of peoples Youtube channels, they’re not really that great when you’re not ahead of the game.
Another option (maybe a little cheesy) might be to follow the footsteps of another big Youtuber. Like, say if Pewdiepie made a video about some unknown game. It’s going to spark a lot of interest for people to check out the game and search for it more. You could try getting in on the action fast by uploading a gameplay of your own with the same game. Who knows, you could even show up as a related video.
Just another heads up though, gaming in general is going to be a competitive niche on Youtube. In addition to my previous comments, your main focus should be on creating quality videos that are enjoyable. Then your channel will naturally grow and people will share and like your content.
I hope this helps! .. and sorry I couldn’t provide an specific games :( But really search traffic for certain games changes all the time, so if I told you a game "Youtube" today, it might not be that great next week. Once you have lots of subscribers though, then you have a bit more leeway in what you can play.

The easy thing to do to get views would be to get the hot games, post walkthroughs and commentary. The hard part is to give the viewers a reason to subscribe or keep coming back. Sure, I could hop on the "be yourself" bandwagon but let’s be honest – not everyone knows exactly who that is. I certainly can’t claim to have any abundance of knowledge about who I am, but I know what makes me subscribe to a YouTube or Twitch personality.
Build your persona around what you like to see in others. If you’re easily excited, be excited. If you’re more introspective, share your unique point of view on a topic. The worst thing you could do is try to put lightning in a bottle. What worked for PewDiePie isn’t going to help develop your own voice.
The bad news is (imo): your hooks are relatively limited. In this context, what I mean by "hook" is something that makes you unique and builds loyalty with your audience. If you’re attractive, that’s a hook. If you’re particularly skilled at the game or witty, these are both hooks. Try to index your personality strengths and build around that. Because at the end of the day, a game is just a game. The "product" isn’t what you’re playing – it’s you.

The most viewed game on youtube is Minecraft, so if you go for that you’ll have the biggest potential audience. At the same time it also probably has the most competition so it has its trade offs, if you have a good personality and are active on social media etc you’ll definitely be able to get noticed though.