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I plan to be getting a Broadwell based Intel NUC to use as an HTPC. I plan to be running OpenElec alongside linux. However, I am not sure which distro is the best. I am right now like deciding between Mint and Ubuntu, as those have been the most popular for a while. What are the advantages of each one? Is there a better distro I should be looking at? All I really need is the ability to stream netflix(i'm told some distros have some issues with this?), Spotify(via the web app), and picture editing via GIMP(or another similar app). T
Thank you.

There’s no best distro. Just a distro that suits your needs and personality. Almost any distro would serve you well based on what you’re trying to do. I’d also add Fedora to the list of distros you should look into. I’m amazed at what they’ve done with GNOME 3. Easily one of the more polished desktops out there.

Well maybe best wasn’t the best choice of words, but what about easiest for a person who is not really new it, but not the best with it? My last Linux distro was an HP modified version of Ubuntu that came with one their first gen Netbooks. And thank you for the Fedora suggestion, I will keep that in mind.

Dont know about support for the mentioned apps, but you should definitely look at Chrome OS. You have the option to buy Chromebox or there are Chrome OS install files too. It is really beautiful and minimal, just not for advanced users.

Well I was going to buy a chromebox, but then realized that I’d probably want to have a future-proofed a little, so I’d go with the haswell i3(as it plays more files with less issues) and upgrade the SSD. But, then I started asking around until I finally got to Intel’s 5th gen NUC model. For a little more than the i3 Chromebox I can have a newer device with built it IR. Sure Broadwell is barely faster cpu wise, it does offer a noticeable improvement in the gpu, while running cooler than Haswell. That all said installing Chromebox on a non-chromebox device, I’m told is going to be a bit of a challenge.

I would still suggest Chromebox. What will you do with the CPU/GPU power improvements as a casual user? What will you do with the addition of IR?
And honestly, most of the app requirements can now be fulfilled by online services: file converters, text editors, games, MS Office, Pixlr for graphics work, readers etc. And trust me when I say that it is muchMUCH BETTER than other Linux distros, as the below poster says that it has zero benefits over other distros. You need to see it and use it yourself to realise what it is.
Go with it unless you NEED to use an application which wont be fulfilled by it. And I think all the millions of Android apps can also be installed in Chrome OS now.