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I'm looking to buy my first ever gaming console but I'm not quite sure which one to buy. It'll be used mostly for GTA 5 and some racing games (either Gran Turismo or Forza). The majority of reviews says buy the Playstation but I've heard the Xbox controller is slightly better for racing games as you can modulate the throttle better with the triggers on the back whereas you can't with the Playstation controller. The only other use will be some Netflix (I'm from Europe).
I know next to nothing about gaming / consoles so I'm looking forward to your opinions.

if you want racing games then Xbox one is your best choice.
In terms of exclusives, on the Xbox Forza 5 and Forza Horizon 2 are already out and Forza 6 will be released before the end of 2015. On the PS4 Driveclub is the only option and its a mediocre game. GT7 isn’t even announced yet, we’ll be lucky if its announced with a 2016 release date.

Tough. I think you should ultimately get the Xbox One, but at the same time, be aware that Grand Turismo is on the Playstation and if you want a real sim (though Forza is one as well) racing game, it’s that.

Thanks for the comments. I’ve been going through some reviews and I’m still not 100% sold on either one. Forza looks like a pretty good racing game, is a little less serious than Gran Turismo and the trigger controllers seem better suited for racing but then again the PS4 is prettier, the software looks nicer and Gran Turismo seems more realistic.
The poll is overwhelmingly PS4 as well!
How is the software on both nowadays? The reviews seem to say that the PS4 is better and the Xbox was clunkier but that was last year.

If you really love Racing games, go for the Xbox. Forza 5 and Forza Horizons 2 are already out, and Forza 6 and Project CARS (if you’re really looking for some realism) on on their way.
Meanwhile, the PS4 doesn’t have anything worth playing yet (in the Racing genre I mean) and Gran Turismo 7 isn’t even announced, though we all know it’s coming at some point..

Here’s some Project CARS footage for you if you hadn’t heard of that one yet.