View Full Version : DNS, Firewall, Proxy, and Websense Making sense of it all?

My company uses DNS, Firewall, Proxy, and Websense to secure our network and the inbound & outbound transactions. I have a basic understanding of how each plays into the overall scheme. As the support owner of multiple applications within my company, I am getting a large number of incidents inwich an application is not able to function as it requires access to the internet and is being blocked along the route or cases where a webservice returns "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage". What I am having difficulty with is identifying or developing a basic troubleshooting guide that will help me identify which piece of the puzzle is the culprit so that I can route a request for resolution to the appropriate team. I have searched and asked questions but with no real results and short of taking classes (which I intend to do) which will not resolve the immediate issue, I am hoping one of you can help me sort it all out.

Thank you in advance for your time

I'm afraid you're troubleshooting on a case-by-case basis. You will amass some writings, based on your daily experiences, and on your learning from other sources, in notebooks on your desk. Now, as you encounter specific error messages, there are many here in BC who are very learned [I'm not one of them] who can help you with specifics.

I think that your Networking team should be working on that issue. It's their infrastructure after all, we know nothing about yours so helping you can be quite difficult. You could always use Wireshark or Fiddler to sniff the packets and requests and see where they are being stopped and by what, but if you don't know the proxy's IP, domain name, and other information, you won't understand what you're doing. At work, when we have a Network issue with an application that is being blocked/denied access to the Internet, we go see one of the Networking team member and they assist us. We tell them what's going on, what we tried, then we log them an incident and they work on it.

I understand that someone else can not troubleshoot my companies network and I'm not asking for such. I am only asking for direction... Do I check proxy before firewall and firewall before we sense? The big issue is my company has this te broken apart for instance if it's a websense issue it goes to one team while proxy goes to another. The request gets bounced around for weeks with no resolution and often comes back with "not enough troubleshooting prior to submission". It really bothers me so I am trying to be more proactive and have a better understanding.

Looks like your company is failing in proper troubleshooting ethics then. It's not the user's job to do the troubleshooting, it's the support/tech team. You are a developper right, and from what I understand, you might be doing a bit of Web. Dev. Can't you use Fiddler to follow the web requests and see where they get blocked?

Booham makes a great point! According to [some] business sources: web developers need to be working on [drumroll] web development. Software programming and engineering need to be working on - software programming and engineering. And so on. IT takes care of the intranet and the internet of the company. Once a user has truly troubleshot him/her-self out of the problem equation, IT should take it from there and troubleshoot everything from wall jack to the Great Out There.