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Hi guys,

Anyone experienced who could tell me how to make my normal professional photo look like this:


I assume it is not too hard, I am just not sure how to achieve so high contrast, sharpness, emphasis on details, etc.

Obviously, I am a complete noob who does not know much more than to convert online photo to black & white and play with colors, brightness, contrast, etc.

I usually simply look online for a first online converter/editor that comes up in google search such as:

Lets say this is my photo which I would like to edit (thank you Jessica Biel http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/in_love.gif ):

Any advice is much appreciated!
Hope this is the right forum.


Hi animalz, from the photos you posted, are you looking to turn yours into black & white with more contrast? I have Adobe Photoshop Elements and Adobe CS2 (old ones), but also a good free editior (such as Gimp) that I use is Paint.net, which you'll find can do pretty much all you want:


Loading it Paint.net, there's Adjustments(uppet toolbar)/Black and White. It looks like a Chrysler logo design in the background. To remove that, Tools/Clone Stamp, and adjust the Brush width to something workable (here, it's 125) where you can take a section of gradient gray from another part of the photo (holding the Ctrl key and clicking on another area) and then clicking over the logo. The first clone selection (Ctrl/click) will follow as you go, just select a new one from the area you've already cleared.


Then Adjustments on the upper toolbar, Brightness / Contrast, and you can play the two extremes against each other to get the desired effect. This is a quick & dirty example using the image you provided, I resized it a bit smaller as it was quite large, the first samples of the gentlemen were quite small. You can crop the image, and Resize is under Image (at the top).
Any editor you decide to use becomes fairly simple after some practice. The main thing to remember is to practice on a Copy and keep the Original image separate.


Have fun. :-)

Edit: Had forgotten to add, if you decide to download Paint.net or another free editor, please be watchful for any offered extras to uncheck as many (particularly free) sites use those for revenue.

Hi r.a.d.,

Many thanks for your reply and helping out!

I'll def take a look at the programme you suggested.
One thing that I am not sure about, though, is that "cartoonish" effect that those pictures have.
They look almost as if they were drawn with a pencil. Almost.

Please take a look at this coloured version:

Or maybe it's almost if they were painted first (oil paint)... not sure what it is, my experience with this stuff is way too limited.
Maybe somebody knows a software which offers that effect or someone can intuitively say what to do.

I will try tweaking those few things that you mentioned but I am not sure if that is the right direction.

P.S. sorry for those small pics, I got them from linkedin and was not able to find bigger version

animalz, Paint.net also has a good forum, I just found this thread (you mentioned cartoonish) where they discuss a plug-in.

Though that isn't what you're really looking for, I can see the effect you're trying to achieve by that sample you posted.

Paint.net has quite a few artistic effects where you could adjust/tone down the parameters to achieve that look it seems to me. Someone here might come to bat, and tomorrow I'll play around a bit. To be honest, I rarely use Paint.net, but learned how to use its similar tools that Adobe has.

Thanks, r.a.d.!

I've been playing with it a bit and were able to achieve somewhat similar effect.

I've found several filters and read few threads on b&w photos, contrast, sharpness, clarity, colours, etc.


By chance, last week, I have started making some tutorials on Paint.NET
They go from basic to more advanced (still making extra tutorials).

Paint.NET Review and Tutorials (http://onlinetips-and-tricks.blogspot.com/2015/04/photo-editor-review-paintnet.html) (Blogger)
Paint.NET Review and Tutorials (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-Xelu0kBosSQSo8C_PU1EcjSWsgTCmz8) (YouTube)


Online Tips and Tricks ! (https://www.youtube.com/c/OnlineTipsAndTricks)

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http://i.imgur.com/iz89Pc0.png (http://onlinetips-and-tricks.blogspot.com/) http://i.imgur.com/6YLqRwX.png (https://www.youtube.com/c/OnlineTipsAndTricks)