View Full Version : Is there any todo list app has this feature ?

i’m looking for todo list mobile app for evernote.
1. i know mobile app evernote provide list and checkbox, but it is difficult to manage if use from mobile device

2. i would like to add , copy or change sequence, from my android just like regular todo list app (any.do , wonderlist etc)

3. the problem why i’m not using regular todo list is because it easier to manage task when using evernote on desktop. you can use keyboard , ctrl-c or ctrl-x

so what i looking for is:

todo list note version on desktop,
regular todo list on mobile app
(iphone or android, i’m using both)

Google has and Android app called Google Keep which works great for me. You can make lists, cross off items on the list, make notes, and even make reminders on these events based on time or even your location.
I use it for grocery lists, and remembering stuff for later. Tasks that I want to remind myself of every day at a certain point (like meds or something). If I wanted, I could even use the location reminder. So say if I was traveling, I could have my note or list popup as a reminder once it hit the GPS coordinates of a certain town or city, etc.
So in addition to the Android App Google offers, you can also use it on your desktop by going to keep.google.com. It’s automatically sync’d up to your phone, so when you make a change on the desktop it will also show on your cellphones app.

OmniFocus is expensive and Mac/iOS only (though there is a third party android app that is supposed to work well) but it works well and has keyboard shortcuts and notes. What’s even better is that the AppleScript support. There’s a script that will automatically create OF tasks of any Evernote reminders, for example.

I am currently using Todoist. It’s quite handy, sports apps for iOS, android, Mac and Windows. It’s quite handy. Nice interface, easy to enter tasks even on mobile devices. Has worked well for me so far.
https://todoist.com (https://todoist.com/)

+1 Google Keep.
Nice app!

+1 for Keep. The share feature is also handy.