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Attached are a couple of links to articles about people who have abused the freedom of the internet, have been traced and sentenced. There seem to be quite a few of these. In the UK, particularly, there is a disatisfaction with those who claim to be using their 'freedom of speech' to attack largely innocent victims.

Generally the attackers hide behind anonymity.


Some readers will know that I've been viewing BC for a while and contributing occasionally since about May this year.

Generally I've only posted in General Security because an issue has arisen that needed to be solved. I've received good advice from BC.

I'm not certain whether I should use the term hacker, cracker or just abuser to describe the person who's been attacking my PC, almost daily, since April. It's highly unusual for someone to target a stranger and pursue them with an almost insane doggedness for that time. But the articles linked show that this *is* actually possible. You don't have to be doing anything wrong.

That said, the identity of my PC-attacker has become known to me and he lives in the UK, in the northern part of the country. I've been assisted by google, so thank-you to them. :)

This forum is US-based but I'd like to know what advice BC can give for bringing about a prosecution for hacking by someone who lives in the UK.

It turns out that I know this person from years ago. Has a bit of an inferiority complex which may have provided motivation, but the sheer persistence has caused his identity to be revealed.

This is 100% genuine, as readers since May will recognise. The pattern is there.

Thanks in anticipation,

p.s. he posts here as well. Largely, attempts at social engineering, as far as I can see. In one thread he described himself, vicariously, as 'best of the best'. Since I now have his name, he got that wrong. Proof: AA.

All quiet now.

Amazing how much courage an anonymous hacker has compared to being in the open.

I'll be in the north of England pretty soon and I've added a new destination to my itinerary :)

See you then, hacker, if you're not already detained at Her Majesty's pleasure.

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Oh hello, what's this ? A resumption after a week off.

Sorry, not good enough.

I happen to know that the editor of the Evening Post 'back home' is quite keen to know your identity.

How many years have you plagued their site ?

A prosecution by them is virtually guaranteed, provided they know who you are...

Think on, brave one..

Well, you took some time off but you resumed again.

The habit appears to be unshakeable. An addiction perhaps, based on the anonymity.

Here's another account of someone like yourself:

Interesting reading.

And bear in mind that, because you ignored the last warning, your identity will now be revealed to one of the parties who eagerly wishes to know your name. There are quite a few :)

So, when I said that I know who you are (and demonstrated it), which bit of that did you fail to understand ?