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I was looking to create a custom design/image for a website that does custom cellphone cases. I know exactly what I want for the design I just don't really have any experience editing photos, so I'm hoping I haven't bitten off more than I can chew so he it goes:

I would like one image to be the background and a second one to be superimposed on top of the other. I want to make the second one like a drawing so the first image would be the filler. I then need to add another pic on top to the combined image and add some lettering. Can you I guess hollow out a picture so that it just becomes a drawing and add a pic behind it to fill it in? Is this even possible let alone not that difficult for a total newb?

You need all your images
open them up all on different layers make your modifications.
choose your fonts put them on a new layer probably the top layer

So your saying its no big deal then?

Are you are making just one cell phone cover.
Or are you designing this so that customers can order them on/from your website?

This Gimp tutorial may help you: it's about how to extract an object and put it into a transparent layer (aka the Alpha Channel)

Thanks, the tutorial was helpful but let me be a little more specific to see if this requires the same technique. I wanted to have an image of a breaking wave, like a big barrel wave, use the software to turn it into a line drawing and overlay that onto a background so that only the lines are showing from the wave image. Would that mean I would have to cut out all the areas I wanted to be see through?