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Can anyone tell me how to load OneNote after I install it?
I bought a new computer and I can't seem to get my saved OneNotes to load again.
Thank you.

What is your opersting system?

OneNote comes with Office. What version of Office do you have installed on your new computer?

I'm using Windows 7 and Office 2007.
Sometimes I can open a notebook but it won't allow me to edit it.

Were the notebooks created using Office 2007's OneNote?
Are you using a trial version of Office 2007, or have you activate it on the new computer?

One other thing to check is whether you have the proper permissions. Navigate to the folder or folders where the notebooks are located, right click the folder, and select Properties. Make sure it's not set to read-only. In the Security tab of the Properties window, make sure your account has Read, Write, and Modify permissions to the folder and the files in it.

Jeepers, thank you for bothering to help me! I really appreciate it.
The file was a read-only. I'd change it and it would change itself back to a read-only.
But I got it to working.
I was using the backup I'd made and trying to edit that copy of the OneNote Notebook.
I found this out as I right-clicked on one of the sections and clicked on "Open as notebook in OneNote."
When it opened it told me I cannot edit the backup and to save the notebook to another place and edit that notebook.
It makes sense. I was trying to work off of a backup that was meant to be left alone.
Thank you so much!