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This app needs more praise. I use my device primarily for reading, and Pocket solves several modern-day internet problems. Aside from the primary use-case of saving articles to read later:

Pocket is an escape hatch. On Android devices, Mobile websites are often unusable. Share a url to Pocket to avoid dealing with a non-functional mobile website. This trick works even before a page finishes loading in the browser.
The mac app allows me to save urls from the clipboard and the article is synced immediately to my preferred reading device. No more being chained to the desk to read long articles. Such a relief.
When I truly appreciate an article I've read on the internet, I'll share it to Pocket for posterity. Even though future generations likely won't give a damn, I still feel that Pocket has an accurate sample of what I like to read on a daily basis and may refer to the list later in my life. I overwhelmingly prefer this approach to sharing articles on social media.

Pocket is an excellent, cross-platform solution and should be a compulsory download for anyone who owns a smart-device.

Yup, earlier on when I didn’t have a data plan, pocket was life changing. I would wake up in the morning browse through my daily tech sites on fliboard and just send all the articles I was interested in reading, straight to pocket. Later on while I would be on the bus, I could catch up with everything in a nice ad-free, clean interface. This app is amazing and I still use it to date

The articles will be saved for eternity (i.e. until company does not go under) if you’re a Pocket Premium customer.
If you don’t want to pay or truly want it saved for eternity, look at IFTTT. I save my pocket archived list as ‘PDF’ to my Dropbox using a recipe.

Good to know. I definitely want to support the company who provides the service, so I’ll look into Pocket Premium.

My biggest problem with pocket is that I don’t often go back and read stuff I saved to pocket - it ends up being a list of articles that I would have at one time enjoyed but are now out-dated.
Also, it separates me from the comments, which sucks for Verge articles.

I’m already paying for Pocket premium, but there are probably 100+ unread articles I’ll probably never get around to. I’m a hoarder: I ‘save to Pocket’ anything that piques my interest, spend breaks tagging everything, and never get around to actually reading them.