View Full Version : Can your phone infect your computer over network?

If I were to download an app and it turns out to be infected, can that spread over my network to my computer or other devices? I know anythings possible. Just is it something I need to worry about now? Or should I be able to use my phone an not worry about anything jumping onto my computer or other devices over my network.

Some misc info that you might need:

I use an Android Phone that's not rooted.
I would be downloading apps outside of the google play store. So I'd have to have the option checked to allow that

I think this happend to me yesterday :( so Yes I assume it is possible

Is it possible? Sure, you yourself even said so. Is it probable, not likely to the average user. Its quite unlikely that an Android application would be transferred through a network onto a Windows or Apple device on a network. Sure it can be done. But the effort to create such a versatile piece of malware would not make it worthwhile for the average malware creator.

The level of time and energy to create that sort of malware can better be spent focusing on a much wider pool of victims. Just because it's possible doesnt always mean it's done. Malware is a crime of opportunity and least resistance by and large.

Practicing safe downloading techniques and being very aware of every apps permissions when installing is your best defense.

Researchers have demonstrated in test environments various proof-of-concept viruses and other types of malicious attacks which never make their way into the public sphere. Most cyber criminals prefer techniques that offer a stealthy way to distribute malware to a wide audience of users in order to reap the rewards of financial gain.