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Hey folks. I need a cloud backup service with great encryption. I also need to be able to backup from iOS devices as well as mac. And I need something affordable. I'm doing research but any suggestions will also be quite helpful!


It depends on how much data you are backing up for pricing but from what I have read this backup service has very good encryption though I have not used it personally. It will sync across multiple devices includinging Mac.

If giles are private enough that thye require encryption you should do it yourself then upload the encrypted file to the cloud service. That way the cloud service is not capabale of ever reading your encrypted files, think of it like locking a safe at your house then posting it to a friend to look after. As only you have the key your friened cannot open the safe. Most backup services have basic security of a form that means you must log in with your account and password to access your file, having an encrypted cloud service that unlocks it's encryption with the same passwrd as you use for login is notmuch help. Instead use a program like 7z (file compression utility available on this site) to put private files in an encrypted archive. then uload the encrypted 7z file to any cloud backup service you choose, gmail contains a free backu capacity for up to 15 gigabytes, others with free storage include mediafire (though they have a bit too many pop-ups on the downloading pages) and amazon but most email providers give you some aswell. So in short, encrypt the files for yourself with one strong password(use something like 7z although other equivalent programs exist), then upload the encrypted file to any cloud service you like, and make sure to use a different password for your cloud service account.

Sorry, misread your post. all that is true and ould work for windows mac or linux computers but probably not for iOS devices (like iphones) because thye couldn't run the 7z software. You might need to transfer the files via cable onto a windows mac or linux pc and then use 7z on that pc and then upload from the browser on that computer. All this can be done free though.

OK thanks folks!

I'll await other replies as I come to a decision.