View Full Version : What are the ramifications for not updating everytime

I swear it seems like every other week microsoft has another thirty updates that are "highly recommended". Seems like all it does is take up memory instead of writing over what needs to be written over(I'm not a computer savvy person so I don't know if this makes sense). If I update all my antivirus, spyware, firewall etc. shouldn't I be alright? thanx

Antivirus software keeps viruses out of your system but it doesn't fix vulnerabilities in the system itself. Microsoft discovers potential problems all the time with the OS, office software, security, drivers etc. So yes, updates are very important. Some security threats are so bad that they expose the system that a hacker could gain remote shell control over your system. Many are browser driven and by going to a malicous website and simply having a unpatch Java could allow them to exploit that and gain entry. So keeping all software updated is crucial. IE: Browser updates, Adobe Flash, Java, Microsoft updates, Office suite. Anything that would access the outside WWW internet. Yes, the downside of updating some of these things can also increase memory useage and Hard drive space. So pc's also need to be updated with hardware to keep up with the demands.

First off, thank you for the reply. In the PC it would make sense to add more memory to, but in a laptop? Is this easily possible?

Actually it's a lot easier in a laptop than a desktop. Typically there is only one screw to remove the panel on the bottom exposing the memory dimms. However, is some cases depending on the make model that might not be as easy and some may require a little more tear down than usual. I wasn't intentially suggesting more memory, just saying as things progress these days older systems tend to bog down. These programs nowdays take massive ammounts of memory. The best solution is to get more dual channel memory and memory with faster timmings if at all possible.