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Hey guys,
after finishing (and loving every second of) Dark Souls 1 and finishing (and kind of liking every second of it) Dark Souls 2, I'm eyeing a PS4 to play Bloodborne and Demon's Souls.
Well, that's before I saw that you can't play PS3 games on your PS4. Which I understand, because it's a different system architecture and all.
But then why can it play games via Playstation network? Are those just a few select ports?
Also, I read that you have to pay annually to actually play online? Is that just a weird joke or actually true? I can't imagine it being true, but perhaps consoles are getting away with stuff like that?

There are some ports of PS3 games to PS4, either remakes or cross-buy deals.
You have to pay to play online, but the blow is somewhat softened by a few ‘free’ games every month. XBL has been pay to play online since 360, PSN joined this gen.

Thanks for the reply. A quick google search revealed that I there is no DS1 or Demon’s Souls port for the PS4. Not sure if Bloodborne without multiplayer is worth getting a PS4 for now.
You may have saved me 350 €.

PS+ ~$50/ year is now required to play MP online (Xbox Live did that for the entirety of the last generation, for the 360). Thankfully Sony sweetens the pot a little bit by giving you access to 2 free games per month, that you can keep and access as long as you remain subscribed to PS+. Sometimes the games are meh, other times the games are actually pretty great!
Sony also has a streaming games section, where you can play certain games (the catalog is fairly small, but expanding). However, this requires an additional fee, but there are PS3 games that can be played this way. I don’t believe Demon Souls is one of them.

People are fine with that? I’m surprised to hear that. Call me entitled, but if I buy a full price console and a full price game for it, shouldn’t I get the full game?
I understand that streaming games requires a lot of bandwidth, just playing multiplayer? Come on…

It’s become the standard. You can "blame" Microsoft for that if you really want to. But there are servers required to host multiplayer content, plus the rest of the backend stuff. A lot of first party PS3 games came with dedicated servers, just to host the MP games, not sure if it’s the same today, but that costs a lot of money.
While I hate the cost in theory. In reality PS+ has given me far more content than its $50 a year price tag (content I would have purchased anyways), so I have no problem paying for it. But I also play a lot of games, so it doesn’t bother me, but I can understand it being a problem/hindrance for those that don’t play often.
FYI the streaming fee is a separate fee from the PS+ fee.