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So I got the above IP in my firewall as an incoming connection blocked.

It resolves to helionresearch dot com

Anyone have anything to add as to what this might have been about?


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From what I see, HelionResearch.com is the website of a Marketing Company that offer advertising and performance monitoring solutions for other companies. My guess is that some website(s) you went on uses their services and when loading that page, it tried to load content from HelionResearch.com as well, but your Firewall blocked it since it wasn't needed or unwanted. At one point, it almost looks like Adware or browsing tracking.

TCP indeed, and port was 50484. Other strange things started happening at this same time which is why I posted this.

It was two attempts, the other attempt used port 50490. Probably the incoming is simply showing the source port.

This is the other IP that was also blocked as an incoming

Because it is an incoming connection, you said it yourself. Further more, the port number you gave me is in a range that makes it very likely the source port.

Every TCP connection has a source IP address and port, and a destination IP address and port. The destination port gives us an indication of the services.

We can not tell you what possibly happened if you can not tell us what the destination port was.

And please do not send me PMs for help, Bleeping Computer does not offer support via PMs. Write your questions here in this thread.

I explained to you in fully what has occured a in PM, I dont think it entailed for you to act like a child here about it, a reply back telling me sorry you cant help would suffice. Furhtermpore I just gave more details of what has occured, no where in my message did I ask you on what steps I should take, it was simply more information that I did not want to share here. Again sorry I dont know in pm would have been sufficient. I also did not ask you twice and came back here to check for a reply as it was totally fine if you did not want to reply. I also had no idea PM was off limits so I will be more careful next time, thanks for the headsup.