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We are an upstart graphics house based in africa.which software is best?

It would depend on what you are focusing on, animation, 3d modeling for game dev or making 3d movies.

Oh and more importantly is how much you are willing to pay for the software.
Blender is free, and i would say good for what it does, but my choice will always be Autodesk 3d studio max.
3d studio max can be got for free for 3 years on a student licence, and allows you to model basically anything 3d, characters,
game levels and vehicles etc. It is also great for movie making as it outputs to .avi.
The software is also great for doing animations work which would be part of the whole movie and game dev side of things.
I have used Autodesk 3d studio max since the 3ds max 7 days.
Maya has more animation related tools and if you are good with python the scripting side of things should be interesting.
For 3d max the scripting is max scripts, you can write plugins etc.

There is another software i have used in the past, call Sculptris, this is free and great too, Sculptris is more akin to organic

We are hoping to do a mid size level graphics game.would have posted screen shots here but am not sure its possible.The game would be centered on street racing. I woukd check for maya and 3d max sodtware on ebay

Ebay? To be sure you are buying a 100% legit Maya or Autodesk 3ds max, the only place you should buy
that is from here http://www.autodesk.com/store
Or you can go with a student license if you are currently a student http://www.autodesk.com/education/free-software/all
Anyway, you mention a race style game so you will be working with 3d modeling for cars and the environment.
Animations for crashes, driver first person arms and moving trees to give slight wind/breeze effect etc.
And physics for the impact between cars and basically steering and balance of the cars.

Most of all have fun, and use the proper site to buy an expensive software like this.

The fact that a Software that is a few 0000 and $0000 is going for 25 dollars should be good reason to avoid it.
When bought from the legit Autodesk site, you pay for the software, support and some extras like the right to sell your
models etc on the autodesk website. I very much doubt you will get all that for 25 dollars.
If you are going to take this as a serious way for getting into the games industry then the only way is pay for the legit software.
Infact if you were employed they would give you a serial for the software, after all, the big companies pay for bulk/group licensing.