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Hello to all!

I've got another question that's been bugging me since I woke up this morning. @@ So after some reading I've decided to install a third-party firewall since I guess it would be beneficial, and I'm a bit paranoid like that. :P

But I can't seem to pick between Zone Alarm and Comodo. Comodo seems pretty confusing to use, I've seen it in action on a friend's cpu and it had a lot of pop ups about registry and stuff. But a lot of people say that it's defense+ and HIPS is good, but I don't really want to tinker with all the setting that it has. Also someone mentioned to me that it was hard to uninstall when he tried to. :o

Should I learn that or just stick with Zone Alarm? What do regular users here recommend? :D

or maybe just skip it and stick to windows firewall lol

I have used Comodo Internet Security for many years. The latest version 6.1 has very few popups using the default configuration as HIPS is not enabled as it is replaced by a behaviour blocker and unknown files are sandboxed. There is unlikely to be a firewall popup as most legitimate programs will be covered by the trusted vendors list. I have uninstalled many different versions without problems.

Thank you JamesFrance and again quietman7 :D

I'm learning Comodo for now and am just using Windows 7 firewall, but if there are any more feedback from others please feel free to post still. :)

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