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The article below shares tips on repairing IE if the browser has been hijacked (a term meaning that the user can no longer control the home page or aggressive pop-up activity).

How to Recover from an Internet Explorer hijacking

The key recommended steps are in this order (where you would take the “next step“ if a cleaning process still doesn't correct the underlying issues).

1. AntiVirus Cleaning -- Update your AV product to the latest scanning engine and virus definitions. Scan your entire hard drive and remove items with your AV product or free cleaning tools available at many sites.

2. AdAware and SpyBot Search & Destroy -- Both of these free cleaning tools are excellent. Use Google to find sites where you can download each product and update them to the latest available definitions each time you run.

3. CWS Shredder, HijackThis, and Filemon/Regmon Analysis -- This next step requires a lot of technical expertise as Windows file and registry activity must be carefully analyzed.

This Anti - Soft virus can be a pain in the rear. It will always start with your computer once your begin to open your internet browser or when your system starts up.

1)Boot to Safe Mode
2)Look for the folders under Administrator\Local Settings\Application Data and delete folders that doesn't look right. The executables are in those folders.
3)Open up your registry. Export your registry and save it with a date like (31810) in a new folder under My documents called Registry
4)The key values will then need to be deleted under HKCU\HKLM SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS\CURRENT VERSION\RUN
5)Close your registry and reboot your machine.
6)Update your virus software or get one and install it.

After cleaning the system and removing the core infections a lot of the time resetting the settings in IE will help a TON.

tools > Internet options > advanced and reset.

What is the problem when i install avast antivirus, Before that i install bit defender, But i uninstall fully then also avast cant install..

I read the below tips in one article hope this could be helpful.

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If you notice a new program installed or toolbar findout more about it by searching it. If it is a bad program like "search protect" by conduit. I have had this program unintentially installed on my laptop 2-3 times. It is a browser hijacker, and is a nasty undesirable program installed as a tag-on program when installing other freeware. Lavasoft and others have developed removal procedures for such PUP's. (http://lavasoft.com/mylavasoft/company/blog/how-to-remove-search-protect-by-conduit-ltd)

A quick way in to determine if anything has been installed in your Internet Explorer is to go to tools>Manage addons>Toolbars and Extensions, or Search providers
Look down the list for any suspicious or unrecongnized search engines, or toolbars. If you don't know look it up, if it is undesirable you usually get at list of websites telling you removal procedures, or got to a reputable forum and ask for help "BLEEPING COMPUTER".