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So a lot of people are complaining about the Windows 10 icon that shows in your icon tray after the KB3035583, which allows you to reserve your Windows 10 copy right away. Even thought you reserve it, it'll stay there. In order to remove it, you simply have to remove it from the start-up (and it's in the Task Scheduler). To do this, follow the instructions below.

Edit: Added two other methods, one of which (Method 3) only hides it in the extended icon tray. Only Method 1 and Method 2 will prevent it from launching.

Method 1 - Using Autoruns

Download Autoruns.zip (http://download.sysinternals.com/files/Autoruns.zip) from the Sysinternals Suite webpage;
Extract the content of the Autoruns.zip folder where you want, then go in the folder, right-click on Autoruns.exe and select Run as Administrator;
Accept the EULA on opening, then wait for all the entries to load;
Click on Options and uncheck Hide Microsoft Entries, then wait for Autoruns to load the additional entries;

In the Filter zone, enter gwx;
Entrie related to GWX (Get Windows 10) will appear. Uncheck:


Restart your computer, and you're done;

Oh, is this not a service any more then? When KB3035583 first came out it installed a service called GWX, has this GWX service disappeared today and been replaced by these scheduled tasks? Would other scheduled task managing programs let you disable this: for example windows' task scheduler or CCleaner(startups section, scheduled tasks tab, maybe tick "advanced")?

I mention the service because I know that when news of the existence and purpose of KB3035583 first came out a while ago it was said that one of it's actions was to install a service called GWX. I had guesssed that that service, if it is there, maybe it has disappeared now the prompts have appeared, might be somehow related to this.

I also mention this because I know that when a process is run from a service the process will restart as soon as you terminate it in task manager. For some processes which originate from services you find that they automatically start running again when you kill them, because the service tries restarting when you kill the task. I have had experiences (with totally different tasks and services from the ones related to windows 10) with killing a task in task manager then finding it restarting seconds later because it was controlled by a service, then if I looked at a CCleaner log afterwards I would see something like "The service EXmapleService terminated unexpectedly, trying restart of this service aftr 1000milliseconds" which would show how the service started the process again each time I killed the process, but if I disabled the service then the process wouldn't load at log-on and it wouldn't have any of this restaarting after termination stuff.

I just mention this because for some processes controlled by a service killing the process isn't enough, the service must be disabled too. I don't know the specifics of this prompt but I would suggest looking at the services tab in task manager and seeing if GWX (it should be listed because kb3035583 is said to have installed it) is running or stopped, and then seeing what stopping it does? The button might disappear, and then if you went and disbaled the service you might not get the process or service starting at startup. Just a thought.

I don't have this running, because I never let KB3035583 be installed on either of my machines in the first place, so I am speculating here, but my speculations might provide helpful information for some people as hints of to where to look to understand what is going on.

- "GWX.exe" is located in that infamous "Winsxs" folder according to "Everything" (Voidtools).
- @Aura: I have the "paid for" Cleanmem version. So, I can & will use it. I also like to be reminded of the availability of Win 10. But I won't install it right away. How many bugs are still in Win 10 ? Still like Win 7 too much.



http://i43.tinypic.com/15o87wj.jpg for the Autoruns guide. I had an earlier version installed (Autoruns) which didn't have the new "Filter" field on the toolbar so I used the old <ctrl>f find on page method to locate the GWX entries. The updated Autoruns version is nice.

Somehow I missed that KB3035583 on my Toshiba Laptop which got installed on 05/20. I could have sworn I unchecked that one but I've seen some WU's get re-checked by themselves recently on my PC's.

I kept KB3035583 installed for now on the Laptop since the GWX startup and service is disabled now.