View Full Version : How to-do apps make money?

I rely on to-do app much due to my procrastination and therefore, I've tried almost all to-do apps at marketplace during the past years.
The one I am currently using is TickTick and I am deeply impressed by its simplicity and easy-to-use.
TickTick makes money by offering PRO account. Though I really love, I feel ashamed to say I haven't upgraded to PRO because all the free features is too enough for me.
As I know, other to-do apps like Wunderlist, Todoist also use the similar revenue model: membership subscription.
Then, here comes my question: is there any other ways that to-do apps can use to make money in the long-run? (Unfortunately my previous favorite to-do app Astrid was acquired by Yahoo).

Most will aim to offer some sort of paid pro version, or potentially implement ads. I haven’t seen ads much, but pro accounts/subscriptions are very common.
However, as you mention, another revenue/exit opportunity is building a product that a big company will just go out and buy because it’s easier than having to build in house or they need the talent (acqui-hire).

Yes, I also didn’t see ads probably because they are productivity apps. And advertising may distract users more or less.
Being acquired by big company however is not a happy thing for users like you & me. I hope that TickTick won’t be acquired by any company because I really don’t want to take time to search for another replacement.

They don’t.
They throw some code around a good idea and pitch it to VC’s, effectively selling a portion of the company for cash.
They then burn through that cash improving on the idea until they either get acquired by a large company, or close down.

Unfortunately, thats the way they do it. There is hardly any other option unless you are a one-man behemoth that can design, code and market your app at once at an extremely high quality. Most people are just accustomed to polished and high quality apps nowadays and very few developers are able to produce such packages on their own. And even if they do, monetizing it is even harder.