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How do you properly configure the Windows Firewall?

I was at the Gibson grc.com site to scan my common ports and it noted that a "ping" could be detected. I have tried to configure the firewall myself but I cannot get it to "PASS" this test. Some settings must have been altered in my Windows Firewall, possibly from a recent run of the Tweaking.com Windows Repair Utility.

I appreciate any assistance. Thank you.

I also just failed on the default settings.

Then in "Inbound Rules" I disabled all the Remote Assistance, plus the one at the top of the list that says "Allow Everything".

After that, it passed the Common Ports test, and the "All Service Ports" 1-1056 test.

This is NOT fully tested, so don't be surprised if disabling "Allow Everything" has blocked something.

Do you know if your Windows machine has a public IP address or a private IP address?

If it's private, then the ping echo is from your network device, not from your Windows machine.

Thanks i will try this out.