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I came up with a logo for my website and wanted to create business cards.

Front side: the background will be 100% black and the logo will be a spot UV job.

I like the idea of using the symbol, it explains why you have used text me instead of call me, I think the symbol is well understood enough by most people for them to get it. I would move it somwhere (possibly top right) where it has a bit more space though, it clashes with the leading edge of the bottom line.

Hi Dean

Not bad but I dont like the text on the front site. draws your eye away from your logo. If it was me id take the text away and just have the logo but have it with a spot uv finish. that would look really nice.

Yes the text needs tweaking but I like to see this simple style of card - for me it would need to be printed on extra thick uncoated black/white duplex stock to add some interest - perhaps with the logo debossed with clear gloss foil.

The way the symbol idea is used is liked by me as it explain why you have used text instead of calling me ,I thought symbol is well understood by most people for them to get it enough