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There are many sites that offer FREE fonts, however, some fonts have clauses with regards to being used for commercial purposes so make sure you check.

A couple of my favourites are below:

dafont.com (http://www.dafont.com/)

1001 Free Fonts - Download Free Fonts - Free Windows and Mac Fonts (http://www.1001freefonts.com/)

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www.dafont.com (http://www.dafont.com/) gets my vote, I've been using it for sometime now and its updated very regularly.

Your quite correct.

Some of the ones off DaFont are fine for printed text on flyers, lealfets etc, but as soon as you get into large format printing (exhibitions, signage) you really see how poor they are in construction.

A client of mine used a 'novelty' font for his logo and when I had to use it for vehicle signage I had to spend hours in Illustrator in outline view tweaking all the letters to make them smooth. Was a nightmare! :icon_cursing:

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It's important to note however that FREE doesn't always mean free to use commercially. Quite often, there's a restriction on use - and sometimes it'snon-commercial only.

You took the words right out of my mouth!

For example, Sainsbury's used to use the font Interstate. This is a font you'd have to pay for (and get a commercial license). I was really interested in getting a font that was similar, and found Blue Highway. This is by Larabie, and is free for non-commercial and commercial use :)

You can usually find a 'clone' non-commercial font that is very similar to commercial ones if you look hard enough.

If its just one word, or a company name I've often created the font myself.