View Full Version : Google DNS adresses even if i dont use it?!

Im using google chrome newest version. Im also using Duckduckgo search engine with https anonymous purpose

But when i exit browser and clear cache and also clearing chrome cache with chrome://net-internals/#dns and then start i get the adress from google still.............

ipconfig /displaydns and this appears :@:@:@ i fkn hate google i want it removed

record type 5
ttl: 118
CNAME record: clients.1.google.com

record type: 1
ttl: 123
data length: 4
A <host> Record:

I dont wanna see something with google when i start my browser.........

Changing a browser and search engine does not automatically change your DNS Server/s. Use your search engine(for your benefit I'm not saying Google) and look up 'how to manually change DNS server'.

If you want to rid yourself of everything google, then I would recommend using another browser such as Firefox, Safari, Opera, Sea Monkey, and the various others out there.

Also the Address above is a client address probably one that is used to make sure that Chrome is updated upon start up.

This is how you change the DNS Servers to use whatever ones you were supplied with when you got your internet:


Follow that guide, and also you may be able to change them via your router / modem as well. However, most of the time they are not changeable so if your ISP pushes out Google's or another OpenDNS Server then you maybe stuck using those for all other devices.

I am already using OpenDNS as my primary and secondary DNS server. I just wan't to know why those adresses occur when starting up Google Chrome browser and how to quit them from opening

for example firefox does not call any DNS adress upon startup so how can you block the chrome browser call? Please red the topic again cause i think you misunderstood everything

Best regards