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Ugh. Was having some trouble accessing a site I use for work daily (my company and all its employees work virtually). Kept having trouble but all others did not. Did a little bit of research and somehow figured out that I might have some type of malware. I have Microsoft Security Essentials, ran a scan, results....nothing, all is fine. But was concerned that it had not run a scan in almost a month. Ended up figuring out that my firewall was not turned on. Clicked on Update your Firewall Settings, the only option that it gave me was to "Use recommended settings". When I click on that, it does nothing. Sometimes it will tell me that it can not do that and ask me to manually do it, sometimes it says nothing and it still says my firewall is not on. Regardless of whether it gives me a message or not, the firewall does not come on. I've installed Malware Bytes (free) and SuperAntispyware (free), run both, found some issues, got rid of them, shutdown and restarted and still no firewall. Feeling a little exposed at this point and frustratingly tired....nothing has really worked. Any suggestions...please....anyone?

Try using Windows Repair Tool (All In One) or Windows Repair Portable. This all-in-one repair tool was designed to help fix common Windows problems such as file permissions, issues with Internet Explorer, Windows Update, and Windows Firewall caused by malware infection.

Just run these commads in DosPrompt

Check to see if its running and all values are correct

The Windows Repair Tool repairs Windows Firewall by doing most of that automatically.