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    Board games, anyone?

    Do you play board games? If so, what are you all-time and current favorites?
    Current favorites are The Grizzled, Elysium, Tzolkin, and Bora Bora. I also have (at last) my own Twilight Struggle to play.
    I will never say no to all-time personal faves like History of the World, Eminent Domain, Love Letter, or Yedo.
    What about you?

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    If you have even more time to sink, try Axis and Allies.
    It takes Risk and adds more strategy to it. I loved playing it with friends when I had more free time (probably takes about 4-6 hours to figure out who will win, and another 2 to finish).

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    I have spent many hours on this! Such a great game to turn friends into enemies hahaha

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    Codenames is amazing and very cheap! Only issue is that it’s best played with 6 or 8 people. 4 is still cool. 5 and 7 games are hard to balance.

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    I came here to recommend Codenames as well, it’s become my go to game when having a get together. It’s fun, easy to teach, there’s a decent strategic layer, and you don’t get a significant benefit from having played before.

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