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    I have never found a good solution to manage bookmarks/reading list/web programming resource links. I'm set up on Opera, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox on four different machines from work to home to a laptop that I ferry in between. They're on varying versions of Windows, and I also have a Windows Phone. Mainly, I'm collecting web resources to hang on to (things like tutorials, references, etc) as well as a general to-read/follow-up list.

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    It's 2015. How do you manage bookmarks?

    I've been using Microsoft's Reading List app, but it hasn't been updated for Windows 10 and doesn't have any plugin integration into the browsers I use. All I'm looking for is something that works cross-browser that I can save bookmarks to and access from a central location. Does such a thing even exist?

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    I’ve been eyeing Pocket. I think I need to just make the jump. Unfortunately, Reading List has no import-export function so I have about 3-400 stranded bookmarks inside. Pocket looks good, though, and Poki seems like a really solid Windows 10 app for managing it.
    Does Pocket have categories/list view? Last time I tried it out it was just a straight grid of posts, which is more reading list-y than bookmarks-y

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    What the hell are you talking about? Both of those services are reading services primarily. They aren’t designed to be bookmark managers, and I don’t understand why you would use them that way.
    Just use Chrome and sync your shit. Why overcomplicate?

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    content from reference site

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    I am trying out pinboard.
    It’s an online web service that requires an annual subscription of about $10 a year, and lets me save links to it. So on a new computer (like my work laptop), I will log in to the pinboard website and access my saved links there. You will have to tag your links so you can search for them more easily though.
    There are also mobile apps for it, so accessing them on your mobile devices won’t be an issue as well.

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