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    Is this the last generation of home consoles?

    Hey everyone,
    There has been a lot of talk about this being the last generation of home consoles (not talking about handhelds on this thread) and I wanted to see what you all thought. I was thinking about this and came to this conclusion. Every console generation (generation as defined by Wikipedia) usually has something revolutionary or mind blowing when each generation is released.

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    My views on what innovations each console generation brought to the market are below, feel free to add your thoughts in the comments:

    • First Generation: Created the entire industry!

    • Second Generation: Allowed the user to swap out different games on cartridges. First gen consoles could only play the games the console was built with. First to popularise the industry

    • Third Generation: Saved the industry in North America. Brought the licensing model and quality control to the market.

    • Fourth Generation: First to provide a true competition between console manufacturers (Atari dominated 2nd gen and Nintendo dominated 3rd gen). Different consoles were better for different types of games.

    • Fifth Generation: 3D graphics. Analog controls and force feedback. Transition from ROM cartridges to optical discs. (I'm including the Sega CD and other CD add-ons as the 5th gen, since they came out some time after the Genesis was first introduced)

    • Sixth Generation: Online gaming. Convergence with other consumer electronics, namely DVD players.

    • Seventh Generation: Hi definition graphics. Motion controls. Determined the winner of the high definition optical disc format.

    • Eighth Generation: ???

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    I'm trying to think of anything revolutionary this current generation brings. Could it be second screens? [Wii U Gamepad, smartphone integration]. However, second screens are not used very frequently and the Dreamcast had it first with the VMUs. Maybe that's why people are saying that this generation of home consoles will be the last.

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    Xbox 360 was the last console I bought, i did get given a ps3 about 7 years ago which i did use a lot back in the day but presently it does nothing. It’s sat collecting dust for a few years now having not even been used to play films.

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    I can’t see myself purchasing another console, mainly because like you I’m a PC gamer nowadays. Again similar to you, i’ve had (and still own) 1st to 7th generation consoles.

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