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    Who else regrets calling for Ellen Pao's resignation?

    After Taylor got fired, I signed the petition calling Ellen Pao to resign as CEO of Reddit.
    Although I agreed with Pao's decision to ban hate subreddits and remove questionable content from reddit, I still didn't think Pao was the right CEO for reddit (yup, not all people who disliked Pao are Gamergate folks). I understood that reddit needed to start making money, but I didn't think commercializing AMA and firing individuals who make the site great was a good way to achieve that. This was further reinforced when I read that an employee was allegedly fired for having cancer, he also said Pao didn't embody the spirit of reddit.
    Now, however, in light of new information, I really regret signing that petition. Pao apparently was set up to fail, and to be a scapegoat for all the changes Ohanian wanted to enact.

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    This was very upsetting, because Ohanian was supposed to be the one who understood reddit the most, yet in my opinion, he is the one destroying it on his path to commercialization. Pao was the one who was reasonable, heck, sheeven defended the trolls.

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    I like the transparency.
    Maintain the status quo or burn it to the ground… just don’t do it in the shadows.
    Pao didn’t communicate anything well, and that’s when she communicated anything at all. I’m not even sure she liked Reddit.
    At least we know what’s happening now.

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    No, that’s not what transparacy is. You’re describing backstabbing and internal politics.
    Transparency is when they stand up and clearly outline their goals, the future direction of the company, the values Reddit stands for and what the rules for being a part of the community are.
    Transparency is when these are enforced in the open with reasoning that can be evaluated by the community, not arbitrarily with a scattershot approach.

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    This is so flimsy to me. What would have constituted good communication with community?
    You know how other execs communicate with the patrons of their services, through press releases and interviews. It doesn’t matter that it’s community based; take Mark Zuckerberg, apart from the canned PR stuff that gets posted on his page, the man is notoriously private. He isn’t posting stuff on walls the facebook community engaging in any meaningful way.
    Reddit is corporate, I don’t think contributing to random subreddits is going to help the executives to do their jobs. The communication thing almost seemed liked redditors wanted her to post her daily activities and justify her position somehow.
    I don’t really care about her or reddit, I just like dislike bandwagon hate that operates under the guise of objectivity.

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