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    Is now a bad time to buy a Playstation?

    Hey - Is now a really bad time to buy a Playstation 4? Here's my dilemma:
    I moved to another state for a job. I left the PS4 with my girlfriend back home, who plays regularly. My job ends in December, so I want to be strategic with my purchase because we'll probably sell or give away any duplicate console when I get back.
    I want a PS4 myself, for Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3 and The Witcher. But Sony is supposedly developing a PS "4.5" essentially, right? And what if I buy the old version and then VR doesn't work with the regular 4? Or what if I buy the 4 and then Sony announces the 4.5 next week? But what if I wait until the fall and then I move back home in the next month anyway so why bother?

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    You should do whatever you feel comfortable with.
    But Sony is supposedly developing a PS "4.5" essentially, right?
    Yes they are. They have confirmed that they are, but have not said when they will actually announce it.
    And what if I buy the old version and then VR doesn’t work with the regular 4?
    The way I understand it, VR will always work with both versions, and devs have to make their games work on both. VR might not be as crisp or smooth on the 4 as the Neo, but we have absolutely no way of knowing that at this juncture.

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    That’s something only you can answer. If you feel like you will get $299 worth of enjoyment in the time that you will have the console (minus however much you get by selling it) (plus the cost of any games you would need to buy), then you should definitely get one. If you don’t think you will get that value, then it might be good to wait.
    I’m the kind of person who buys stuff that he doesn’t need, but in this situation I personally would not get one. I also don’t game as much as I used to, so that is most likely why. Hopefully I was of some help.

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    Assuming your psn friends list isn’t a sticking point, I would pick up an Xbox One for cheaper. Then you can decide whether to sell or hold on to both systems when you get back. Right now the 500gb Xbox one s with all the halo series is $300 (being released towards the end of August.) Doubles as a 4K player as well.

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    We have no idea when the next PS4 will be out, but at this point it almost certainly won’t be until next year. Whether you want to wait that long is up to you.

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