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    Would YOU Vote for Kanye West?

    I legitimately want to know, if Kanye West was on a ballot in front of you, would you vote for him? This is part of my ongoing experiment to figure out what our society is like. Please take the time to share and vote. Thank you.

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    He’s no more insane that half the of the people currently running.
    Cuz dreams of being ’Hova went from bein a brokeman ta bein a dopeman
    Ta bein a president look theres hope man.

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    For all the harsh accusations people make about his intelligence, his political views and statements have always been true.
    Even the statement that first elicited so much hatred from mainstream America was true: Bush demonstrated that he did not care about black people.

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    Possibly. I can’t say whether I would or wouldn’t vote for him without knowing far more about his political views. If he brings good policy to the table, I’d happily vote for him.

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    content from reference site

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    No. I’d imagine his platform would involve legally requiring every award in the country to be presented to Beyonce. And something about "respecting artistry."

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