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    Should Facebook have just called the Oculus Go the Facebook Go? [UPDATED]

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    By now most of you have probably heard of the new mobile headsets forthcoming from Oculus, called Oculus Go. The more I think about it, the more it looks like this may be the breakout device for VR for the masses, as long as they sell them at big retailers, like Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon etc
    The question is, who will buy this? Curious early adopters who like the reasonable price tag? People who want to take their social media game to a whole nother level? Or people who just want to experience VR gaming, who don't want to dish out the $$$ for systems like the Vive and PSVR, or who don't want to mess with the setup and wires?
    Obviously the power isn't going to be great on this thing, but as a start it looks good. This thing looks refined. It looks finished. It looks like a product ready for the market. A premium product for the masses. So why not market it as the next 'generation' of gaming, a game console for your face? Start off with some basic graphics, and improve from there.

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    Should Facebook have just called the Oculus Go the Facebook Go? [UPDATED]

    What do you guys think? Does Facebook, of all unlikely players, have a shot at joining the big 3 (Sony, MS, Nintendo). Should they market this thing games first, everything else second? Post below, poll incoming.
    [UPDATE: Had this thought this morning. Facebook isn't really leveraging it's brand and mindshare with this product. They purchased Oculus as a power move to get a foot in the door for the 'next big thing'. But are they really utilizing that? You need to have your company name in there like Amazon did with the Echo. Otherwise you will forever be thought of as only 'the social media platform' much like Amazon was only 'the online marketplace'. They should have called this the Facebook Go or better yet the Facebook Oculus. You don't see Microsoft calling it's laptops the Microsoft XBox Surface. Thoughts?]

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    Bad idea. The Facebook brand is synonymous with social media over-sharing (I only half-kid), and now fake news. Brands are double-edged swords. There’s a reason why there’s no Facebook branding on Instagram or WhatsApp – it’s to maintain the brand integrity of Facebook as well as the respective apps. Customers that are pitched a "Facebook Go" will be incredibly confused as to what it actually does, because they’ll try to associate it with the Facebook they do know. It’s much better to call it something else, like idk, Oculus or something.

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    My friend said its just a slightly revamped Gear VR. I guess I shouldn’t be that excited either. Suppose Santa Cruz is still the holy grail of VR.

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    Definitely they should put the "Facebook" branding on it if they want it to success and make people think of it as something they "should" buy.

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