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    Sony Alpha a7, good buy?

    Hey guys,
    I've finally gotten a little tired of my Sony RX100 mkii and am ready to jump into the interchangeable-lens part of the pool.
    I'm looking at the Sony Alpha line, and the second generations of Alpha a7 (regular, R and S) are quite a bit over-budget for me.
    How big of an improvement will the 1st gen. Alpha a7 be over my RX100? I've played a bit with one in a store but hard to get a proper feel without taking it outside, and I know noone with one I could borrow.
    I own zero lenses so I have no attachment to any brand but I do like how the RX100 worked and expect to to find a similar setup on the a7.
    I also don't know a lot about the lens situation for Sony cameras. Will I still have a decent choice and variety of "affordable" lenses I can buy?

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    The kit I'm looking at right now is a little under $1000 for the a7 with a 28-70mm. It's used but from a reputable seller and is listed as "Like New".
    Looking forward to your recommendations and advice.
    Don't hesitate to also suggest other cameras in the same price range if you think they'd be a better option.

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    Are you look at the A7, S or R? How important is video to you? What about resolution? What do you like the shoot and plan to shoot? One question to ask, do I really need full frame, or can I do fine with aps-c camera. If so, I’d also look at the Sony A6300, which is really fast camera, with very good high iso(for it’s class) and it’s smaller and lighter than the A7. Plus, I think lenses maybe a bit more affordable, though you may have less wide angle options than FF E mount cameras.
    Another option is Fuji X-T20 with the 18-55mm f2.8-4 lens. It’s a great lens, great camera, and colors(subjective) are just really nice.

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    I like to shoot people, buildings, street photography basically. Occasionally I try my hand at long exposure, light painting, timelapses. I also want to try a few things that my RX100 can’t do like lens-tilt, macro and eventually I’m looking at more specific lenses like super wide or telephoto (I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it, but I still want to be on the right path).
    I shoot quite a bit in the evening, low-light so I think I’d prefer full frame. And size isn’t so much of a concern, I can still use my RX100 if I’m limited in that regard.
    Video I’m not really very interested in, I might use it occasionally but I wouldn’t base my decision around it.
    If I go for a Fuji, are their lenses compatible with other brands?

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    content from reference site

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    Fuji lenses only work with Fuji cameras, just like Sony E mount lenses work with Sony E mount cameras.
    Yeah if video isn’t important the A7 should be what you are looking for, unless you really need the more MP of the R or better low light of the S. I think the only downside to the first gen A7 lineup is AF, which for moving subjects may not be the best. I’d again also take a look at the a6300 cause that’s a way faster camera and may find that better suite your needs at a lower price, which allows you to get at least a second lens.

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