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    A Love Letter for the Nintendo Switch

    First, a bit of context: I live in Puerto Rico, which was tore a new one by Hurricane Marķa some 38 days ago or so. Most of us still lack power and don't even think about Internet service. All online activity of mine is thanks to my smartphone or my job, and I can't really hook up a console to the office network. With that out if the way,

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    Oh dearest Switch, you are the spark that lights my dark nights.
    The Xbone and the PS4 just sit in a corner, powerless monoliths with much to promise, but are like a teenaged lover wooing his first conquest.

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    Meanwhile, the humble Switch trots along, powered by its own battery, fed by the power bank that gathers its power from the sun.
    Never does a day pass that I can't explore Hyrule or call up a crazy union attack in Disgaea. Kart races, even split screen on its humble 6 and some inch face. Never overcome by boredom I am.

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    Only if Amazon would get its proverbial manure together and ship out Mario Odyssey could this love get any better, but at least the Warriors of the Fire Emblem are keeping me contented.

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    Oh dearest Switch, what an amazing investment. The gift of even in tragedy keeping me able to live my love of gaming.

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