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    A few questions to help me pick between the new Surface products.

    I'll be starting a Master's degree in Finance and was due for an upgrade on my primary laptop. I've been using a MBP for a few years but I'm fine using Windows extensively. Switching OSes because of the industry standard in my chosen field. Eyeing the 1299 versions of the Pro and Laptop. The i5, 8GB , 256GB ones.

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    Uses: Office with loads of Excel, Financial Modelling; Programming in one or more languages including MATLAB, Photo editing, browsing, watching movies, regular stuff. I occasionally like to draw and sketch but I'm in no way an ardent hobbyist. I would say I'm more comfortable with it than most out there and enjoy writing/sketching out ideas and plans. Photography on the other hand, I'm pretty regular with.

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    1 To those of you who've used the SP4 type cover, can it function as your main keyboard and do you think it could do a decent job for my uses? I don't mind connecting an external one at home but if I'm on the go, I need it to hold up.

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    2 Is note-taking actually nice on the SP? I've been using pen and paper since forever and was wondering if any of you have had good experiences with it. Any thoughts on the way you use your Pen would be great.

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    3 The SP is getting really pricey for what it is. Add an extra 149 for the cover and 99 for the pen. Given the screen is an inch smaller than the laptop, do any of you experienced users out there find the size a bit limiting?

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