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    Is privacy gone forever?

    Our transition into the digital world is transforming business in ways never seen since the industrial revolution. The doors to a word of opportunity seems to nearly bring an end to privacy. Cyber attacks, inappropriate comments, and oversharing or personal information is just a few of the issues facing the new world. Create Boundaries or push them?

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    Boundaries? I think they have been raped by the NSA already… And sadly enough every other secret service thing in this world….

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    I think it’s funny that there’s been such a vehement reaction to the NSA data collection programs while we’ve been forfeiting privacy willingly and unwilling to various parties for the last decade. I think its either a fact of the future, or there will be some kind of evolution (I don’t want to say revolution) towards greater privacy awareness, policy and legislation. That could be a good thing.

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    I think it’s funny how flippant some people are about the NSA having this information. I can’t recall the last time Google or Apple scrambled some drones and murdered people without trial. Perhaps you could enlighten me?

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    Katherine Hepburn valued her privacy. In 1964 she was asked for her views on privacy by the editors of the Virginia Law Weekly. She gave them. The right to privacy entailed for her the right to be left alone, including not merely the right to prevent inaccurate portrayal of private life, but to prevent its portrayal at all. But by 1964 she already thought privacy had become inpossible. So long, she opined, as the citizen was dependant for protection (against anything — her bug-a-boo was insurance, ours is security) on the governent or the company (especially insurance companies), the privacy of the citizen will be sacrificed. Where all are dependant on government for insurance against sickness and security against menace, privacy is no longer an option.

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