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    GoPro Karma vs DJI Mavic Pro

    I thought the GoPro Karma was amazing but I think DJI's Mavic pro trumps the Karma in just about every way. What would you pick?

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    I haven’t been all that interested in drones until I saw the Mavic. It really looks perfect, especially the size.
    I have a strong feeling I’ll be picking one up this year.

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    I’m still not crazy about the super wide lenses on both of them, but i cannot in any way afford something powerful enough to lift a ILC or fixed-zoom camera. I like the goPro because of the upgradeable camera and removable gimbal. Getting a waterproof camera and stabilizer along with a drone is a good deal. It’s cool that you don’t need the goony remote for the DJI though, less to carry and charge.

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    I agree, the gimbal and camera seem like big advantages for the GoPro. While I don’t have a lot more than a passing interest in drone photography, these are the ones that would intrigue me, and despite having a lot more respect for DJI as a tech company, the GoPro seems like a very solid and versatile option as a first effort.

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    it’s tough to balance my desire to be an early adopter with how impractical drones still kinda are, they aren’t legal to fly in any of my favourite locations yet, and i can’t really afford one, but i still want one for some reason.

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