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Thread: AMD Zen

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    AMD is rumored to become competitive with Intel again, in part due to a new x64 architecture named Zen. The desktop core, Ryzen, is to launch in a couple weeks. All early testing shows it to perform around the same as a Skylake/Kaby Lake chip, but it is about 2/3 less expensive than the competing Intel chip.

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    AMD Zen

    Here are my questions. If AMD become competitive with Intel again, how will that change the PC market? How will that change desktop culture, generally and specifically gaming and VR spaces? Will this reduces barriers to access? Will this force Intel to cut costs? And who might use these chips (HP, Razer, etc.)?

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    HP has always had lines with AMD chips (in the corporate world it’s the xx5 models, xx0 being Intel) but these have been very much second class citizens for many years now.

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    What Zen will (hopefully) do is provide a good alternative and in the short term drive pricing down and in the longer term speed up improvements in the x86 space (where lets face it Intel has been coasting along unopposed since Sandybridge)

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