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    Looking for a laptop (light CAD)

    I am looking for a new laptop for lightweight CAD use. At the moment I got the Lenovo Y50-70 with GTX960M. The performance is great, but the laptop has graphic issues and I have to return it.

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    I want to spend around 1000 € (1100 $). The new Dell Inspiron 15 7000-series is nice, but the cheaper models do not have an SSD.
    Edit: 15-inch, battery life is not important

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    without some specifics it’s hard to recommend something out of the blue. size? weight? battery life? or just looking for maximum compute power per dollar (as your previous Y50 model)?

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    Sorry! 15-inch would be nice, weight and battery life do not matter that much. So Computing power per dollar are most important.

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    Acer V5 or if you go slightly above your budget, V15. Alternatives are Asus N552VX or Lenovo Y700, but the Acer has a better build quality in my opinion.

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