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    So it seems like a bunch of computer science/tech literate people at a level deeper than me don't think that this patent should be valid. From my understanding these people are saying that its much too broad and that it is patenting the idea of a search engine using AI. Is that correct? I'd be interested in hearing a counterargument from someone who has a computer science background. Admittedly I'm hearing it from biased sources, so if someone with computer science knowledge has a counterargument that would be great

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    There is no counter-argument. Like most Apple patents, there is no novelty here. It should be invalidated.

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    Apples Universal Search Patent

    Well, you should have got yourself up in court because Samsung, Google and all their legions of lawyers and programmers were unable to prove it should be invalidated.

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    a bit premature given that the case hasn’t even had a chance to play out yet and the decision about the injunction was tentative based on that court hearing happening…

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